• Shinihka

    Well, I'm spanish (So if my engilsh is bad, I'm very sorry :'D) and I'm actually very addicted to this serie uvu The problem comes at the 6th chapter. I unfortunatly don't have a tv in home, so I'm watching the series online. The 6th chapter, named "Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll" in theory have a second part, but in every page I go the only thing I can find is chapter 7th, "Crazy Train". I know that in the spanish retransmition the 7th chapter was the second part of that episode, but I'm not sure how it worked in english. So I wanna know if there are some ways for me to find the continuation of that chapter. I'm seeing it dub. in spanish, but I don't mind if there's only versions in subs.

    Edit: Problem solved! I found the chap with spanish…

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