If you've ever watched the timeless classic, the Wizard of Oz, you would have noticed that while the Scare Crow said he had no brain, he was, in actality, the smartest of the group, always coming up with ideas. And while the Tin Man claimed he didn't have a heart, he had the most emotions of them all, several times rusting after crying. Finally, the Wizard himself tells the Lion that he was confusing the definition of bravery, and that he showed signs of courage, doing what was necesary even though it frightened him, and charging ahead when he was terrified. This is true bravery.

You may be wondering how this relates to Scorpion . Beleive it or not, this relates perfectly to Scorpion, specifically to Walter O'Brien . While Walter claims to have no emotions or feelings, he is shown to actually have more feelings than he lets on. He is easily upset when people he cares about are in danger, and is attached to his sister and the rest of his team. In Dominoes he puts his life on the line to save a little boy he doesn't even know, and in Revenge, he is clearly upset about what happened to Sylvester . He only denies it to others, because he feels that having emotions is a sign of weakness. He also feels guilty about what happened on the roof in Revenge, telling everyone that he doesn't feel guilty. However, he obviously blames himself, and even asked Sylvester to tell him if had been possible to save Javier . It takes Paige to tell him that that's what makes him human. So, just like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, he denies having a heart or any emotions, but in actuality has more than any one else on Team Scorpion.

The same goes for Sylvester who, much like the cowardly Lion, is frightened but takes risks to help others. In Dominoes, he is scared and has phobias of countless things that could happen to him in the cave, but Megan talks some sense into him and he risks his life to save a little boy.

In both cases, it just takes someone to show them, just like it took he Wizard of Oz to show the Tin Man and the Lion.

Who knows. Maybe Team Scorpion has some EQ after all.

FrozangledEpic (talk) 19:29, December 17, 2014 (UTC)

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