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                                    I think it would be AWESOME to put characters from NCIS and Scorpion together to see how they would interact!

I believe they would get along in these pairings:

  • Cabe and Gibbs would probably have fun talking about the good old days. Both of them are the older, wiser leaders of the their teams and can relate about some of the foolish things their team members did in the past, but also brag about their teams to eachother.
  • Toby and Tony would probably be best buds from the start! They share the same type of character and would probably spend the day talking about clubs, movies and past girlfriends. Toby would probably try to analyze Tony's loss of Ziva though.
  • Toby and Nate wouldn't get along as well despite them sharing the same strengths-psycology. This would probably cause them to be in constant competition.
  • Paige and Bishop would also be best friends. They are both a little different than the rest of their team, and would enjoy spending time together. Paige would probably marvel at Bishop's statistical abilities, just like she marvels at the rest of team Scorpion's abilities.
  • Sylvester and McGee seem like they would hit it off quite well. They could talk about mathematics, computers, and other geeky stuff. They seem to share the unique job of what can only be described as the heart of the team.
  • Happy and Abby would instantly be BFFs. Happy and Abby could work on scence projects together. Both of them are unique-Abby is goth and Happy is super tomboyish.
  • As for Walter , he would probably get along the best with Gibbs. Gibbs would remind Walter of Cabe, and Gibbs would take Walter under his wing-probably giving him a few head slaps along the way! Walter would probably try to give Bishop advice since she is so good at statistics and patterns.

FrozangledEpic (talk) 05:12, December 17, 2014 (UTC)

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